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Laserlite 1000 polycarbonate roofing

With a 25 year light transmission and 15 year performance warranty, you can be certain that Laserlite 1000 polycarbonate roofing will not only look good, it will last too. That's because it's designed to withstand harmful UV rays, rain and hailstones, making Laserlite 1000 the ideal solution for covering any outdoor area.

  • Proven in NZ conditions
  • Affordable polycarbonate sheet
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • Four stylish colours
  • NZBC fire group classification 1-S
  • Can be cut to length
  • 25 year light transmission and 15 year performance warranty against discolouration and brittleness
  • Tough, optically clear, high quality
  • Delivered nationwide

Suitable for awnings, pergola roofing sheets, carports, greenhouses, gazebos, entrances, porches, walkways, conservatory roofing panels…and much more!

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1.8 - $42
2.1  - $48
2.4 - $55
2.7 - $62
3.0 - $69
3.6 - $84
4.2 - $96
4.8 - $110
5.4 - $124
6.0 - $138
7.2 - $168




Use the following table to work out how many sheets and fasteners you need. Click on the table to enlarge it.


The different colours and tints

With four different colours, you're sure to find something to suit your style.

Sunline clearlite light transmission heat reduction for roofingLight transmission and heat reduction for polycarbonate roofing NZ


Alsynite Multipurpose fasteners

Multipurpose fasteners are simply the easiest screw to use on polycarbonate roofing panels.

They're suitable for steel or timber purlins, high wind zones, and they cut their own expansion hole.

Don't muck around changing bits or spending more time on the roof than you need to, use these.

  • 50mm
  • Galvanised
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Cuts a thermal expansion hole in the same action
  • 14 gauge
  • Requires 5/16″ hex head drive
  • 26mm DEKS EPDM washer
  • Fully compliant with AS3566

$45 for 60
$331 for 500

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Alsynite noise stop tape

Polycarbonate roofing purlin noise stop tape helps stop your clear roofing from creaking, which can be caused by changes in temperature.

  • 25m roll
  • Weather-resistant and chemically inert
  • Suitable for polycarbonate, PVC, and fibreglass roofing
  • 24mm wide x 3mm thick

$43 per roll

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    Sunnyside_foam_infill_sheet - Polycarbonate NZ

    Alsynite foam infill strips

    Foam eave infill strips can help prevent rain, dust, leaves and pests from entering in between the polycarbonate roofing and the purlin or eave / soffit.

    • Corrugated profile on one side, flat on the other
    • White colour
    • 1 packet of 4 infill strips at 97.5cm each (3.9m joined together)

    $18 per pack

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      Laserlite 1000 polycarbonate roofing$42$168
      Alsynite Multipurpose fasteners 50mm$45$331
      Alsynite noise stop tape$43
      Alsynite foam infill (4 pack corrugated white)$18


      All prices include GST.

      Flat delivery fee of $49 within delivery zone

      Please ensure you provide us with a phone number and tell us a safe place to leave it if you're not going to be there for delivery. Someone will be required to assist the driver with sheets longer than 4m.

      Much lower prices than merchants, guaranteed!

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      Considering Suntuf, Tufclad, Solasafe or any other product you may find in Bunnings or Mitre 10?

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      And we deliver nationwide. So no need to borrow a trailer or struggle to tie down on the roof.


      "Really helpful... It's been a year since I put it up and it's still going strong. Really well priced compared to hardware stores."


      Nationwide delivery details

      Orders need to be received by 10am the  previous working day, to make the next available delivery day. Delivery is to your address (not a depot).

      Most of our orders arrive within these time-frames, however there are sometimes delays that are outside of our control. Someone will need to be on-site to assist the driver with any sheets longer than 4.0m.

      If you are outside the highlighted areas on the map, please check with us first. There may be additional freight charges or you may need to arrange an alternative delivery address.

      Note: December is our busiest month, and has the highest chance of freight delays. We recommend ordering as early as possible (ideally in November) if you need delivery before Christmas.

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      Whether you're a homeowner, tradie, handyman, roofer, or builder, we have the clear plastic roofing sheets for you. And we can deliver to your house or building site.


      Greenhouse, hot house, grow house, glasshouse, shade house? If you need to grow something, we've supplied plenty of clearlite to farmers, horticulturalists, botanists and backyard gardeners.


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        Why buy from us?

        • Fourth generation family business
        • Trading for over 50 years
        • 100% positive feedback on Trade Me
        • 10 year warranty on all products

        Gazebo, awning, pergola roofing, deck roof? However you say it, if you need outdoor cover or shelter, clear plastic roofing sheets are what you need.


        Carport, stable, cow shed, chicken coop, barn, garden shed, outdoor cabin, spa pool? If you need light in your storage space, polycarbonate sheets are the way to go.


        Installation instructions for Laserlite 1000 corrugated roofing

        Safety information

        • Always exercise extreme care when working on a roof. Use walking boards along purlins.
        • Never walk directly on the sheeting.
        • Always wear eye protection when using cutting tools.
        • For safety precautions, Alsynite recommends the use of safety mesh for installations above 3m.
        • Alsynite does not recommend the collection of drinking water from any roof without appropriate precautions and filtration. Check with your local water authority for further advice
        • Ensure that your roof pitch is at least 5º, i.e. 88mm rise per lineal metre. This will ensure adequate water run-off.Clear plastic sheet nz recommended pitch or fall
        • Allow for ventilation, particularly at the highest point, to minimise heat build-up and provide air circulation. Good ventilation will also minimise condensation in cold weather.
        • Ensure the UV surface protected side faces the sun. This is the side with the adhesive label and ink-jet marking on the edge. When installed as a wall or fence it is recommended that the UV protected side is facing the most sun. The life of the sheet may be shortened and discolouration may occur due to the unprotected side being exposed to UV radiation.Clear light roofing side lap diagram for joining
        • The sheet can be easily cut with a pair of shears, a fine-toothed handsaw or a circular saw with a cut-off blade suitable for plastic.
        • Temperature changes will cause expansion and contraction, allowances for thermal movement is required. Using Noise Stop Tape will reduce the noise created by thermal movement. Resistance to movement can cause buckling.
        • To ensure maximum performance of the sheet, and to avoid buckling, it is necessary to oversize the holes and centre the fixings.
        CAUTION: To maximise the life of your Laserlite polycarbonate roofing, avoid exposing your polycarbonate sheeting to excess heat from patio heaters. A distance of 1m should be kept between the sheets and the heater, adequate ventilation at all times and temperature to be below 90ºC beneath the sheeting. If temperature beneath your sheet rises above 90ºC, immediately remove the patio heater from underneath the polycarbonate sheeting.

        IMPORTANT: These instructions are designed to prevent leaking and alleviate the requirement for sealants. Sealants, especially silicone, are incompatible with polycarbonate. They will damage the sheet, restrict expansion and contraction, and void the warranty. Use the appropriate flashings and infill strips to complete your project and help protect your outdoor entertaining areas from the weather, without the need for sealants.

        Fixing spacings

        Polycarbonate roof screw pattern diagram for corrugated on purlins

        In normal conditions, use the fixing spacings shown in the table. As a guide, you will need approximately 7 fixings per lineal metre. This depends on your purlin spacings and wind conditions. In high wind areas fix the sheet on every second corrugation on each purlin/ batten. It is suggested that barge capping be used. Fix the sheet through the crests for roofing and through the valleys for walls.Polycarbonate sheet rafter and purlin layout diagram with flashings

        • Use 50mm or 55mm fasteners to fasten your Laserlite roofing sheets.Clear polycarbonate roofing curve diagram for clearlite
        • For roof laying, start with the lower sheets first, keeping side laps away from prevailing wind. Allow an overhang of 50mm.
        • For curved structures, the maximum purlin spacing should be 750mm and a minimum radius of 6000mm for corrugate profile. For walls, nogging spacings should be no more than 1200mm. Use Noise Stop Tape on all battens, purlins or noggings to minimise the noises associated with expansion and contraction.

        Handling, storage and cleaning

        • Store sheets on a flat surface in a well-protected and shaded area, out of direct sunlight. Stacked sheets stored in the sun will cause heat build-up and possibly distortion, even if covered. If damage occurs in this situation, warranty is void.
        • Prevent moisture getting between stored sheets as this may cause whitening.
        • Clean sheets regularly with warm soapy water (mild detergent) and a soft sponge. Take care not to scratch the sheet. Hose down thoroughly.

        Chemical properties

        Laserlite Polycarbonate Roofing is affected by methylated spirits, benzene, petrol, ketones, acetone, phenols, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum based paints, abrasive cleaners and solvents.

        Limited lifetime warranty

        Laserlite 1000 polycarbonate roofing sheets have a limited lifetime warranty:

        • Loss of Light Transmission – 25 Years Limited Warranty
        • Weather Breakage – 10 Years Limited Warranty

        For full warranty details click here.