Some parts of NZ may be at different alert levels. The various procedures will apply depending on which alert level your area is in. We also have depots outside of Auckland (Hamilton, Palmerston North, Christchurch), so even if Auckland is still in Level 4, we will be able to supply outside of Auckland.


There will be no delivery options during level 4. We will be available by phone or email and you can still place orders. We will fulfill those orders once we move back down to the appropriate level.


Normal delivery time-frames and schedules do not apply over this time.

Our supplier will not deliver to residential addresses during level 3. They will only deliver to business addresses that are set up for contactless delivery of large freight. E.g. freight depots, Farmlands, industrial/commercial workplaces, hardware depots, factories/yards etc.

If you would like delivery, please arrange a drop off point first. It will need to be a business address that regularly receives large freight. One where the driver can drive up and hand unload the items themselves (pull off the back of the truck) at a designated area, without coming into contact with anyone. You can then arrange pick up from this address at your convenience.

1. Order and pay online for the products you require.

2. Provide us with a business address we can deliver to. Ensure you have arranged with that company first. We will check each delivery address and let you know if there are any issues.

3. We deliver, and you pick up at your convenience.

Note: We can do residential deliveries ourselves within Auckland in level 3. We may need to get your order into our stock first, so it can take up to a week.


We have the full range of products available for delivery.

  • Please confirm that a ute with a 12m trailer has easy and safe access to the drop off point.
  • Confirm where on site the sheets are to be delivered to.
  • Let us know if anyone at the address is displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please remember to stay 2m away from the driver at all times, including when helping to unload longer sheets.
  • Once offloaded, the driver will leave the packing slip with it, take a photo of the delivery and fill out a contact tracing form if necessary.


Normal delivery and pick up procedures apply with no restrictions.